Advanced Placement


The College Board has made the following AP Testing updates as of March 20, 2020, to help support the health and safety of educators and students:  


    • Traditional face-to-face exam administrations will not take place. 
    • Students will be able to take a 45-minute online AP exam at home on any device they have access to - computer, tablet, or smartphone.  
    • The exams will be designed and administered in a way that prevents cheating, using a range of digital security tools and techniques, including plagiarism detection software, to protect the integrity of the exams.  


The College Board plans to announce the full AP exam schedule and additional testing details on Friday, April 3rd.


Receive AP Exam Updates 
College Board has created an update page for AP students -  COVID-19 Updates for AP Students  

Access your College Board account 
Students can access their College Board account via; all College Board programs are connected through one account, so if you created one for AP, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, or College Board Opportunity Scholarships, you’re all set. You’ll just need your username and password to sign in. 


Request mobile tools or connectivity  
The College Board has created a request line for students in need of a digital device or connectivity to review AP content online and take the exam.  




Daily Course Schedule can be viewed here.